Tara Odgers

Head Trainer

Tara Odgers
Head Trainer and Auditor

Tara is our head trainer, supporting and mentoring other trainers. She has been in the early childhood industry since 2005 in a diverse range of roles in Long Day Care, Preschools, OSHC, and as a therapist in specialised autism specific service. In 2008 Tara started ‘Everyone Can Dance, a charity which supports over 100 children and adults with ASD and other disabilities.

Tara is passionate about ensuring that educators feel confident in their abilities and have the tools to provide a high standard of care for children as well as creating enriching environments. She strongly believes that our business name, Centre Support, describes perfectly the service that she intends to deliver with each visit. Tara will support and empower educators to be the very best they can be.

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